Terms of Service

Our Mantra
4TFY is a Virtual Private Network service which is obsessed with the privacy of its customers. This is our sole purpose in life – to keep your online activities free from prying eyes. We have established in the British Virgin Islands - a country where privacy is considered a birth right. We do not ever log your traffic or browsing history and we have no record of what you do online – we do not know who you are – except to the extent of your email address and credit card details. You can use bitcoin for added anonymity which means you don’t have to share credit card information with us.

We do not condone our service to be used for illegal purposes and if we find out they are being used for illegal purposes we can close down your access. Having said this we do not know what you are doing. Your illegal activities would only become known to us if we were alerted by a third party.

We do not give refunds as we do not want to maintain the information about you to facilitate this.
Terms of Service
This Terms of Service agreement (“Terms”) outlines the terms and conditions which 4TFY Limited (“4TFY”) will provide Virtual Private Network connectivity services (“Services”).
You agree to be bound by the Terms both when you register and when you use the Services of 4TFY.

By agreeing to these Terms you are also agreeing to the 4TFY Privacy Policy which you can read here.

The Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between yourself and 4TFY.

When you create an account for the Services you are representing that you are at least 18 years of age or are a valid legal entity.

4TFY may update the Terms from time to time without notice. If you continue to use the Services after the changes, then you agree to the revised Terms. The latest Terms are always available on the website of 4TFY and it is your responsibility to review the terms from time to time.
Our Service to You
Subscriptions can be discontinued or cancelled at any time, but no refunds are given.

4TFY does not collect or log browsing history which means that your activities using 4TFY-hosted VPN servers are not monitored, recorded, logged, or stored by us in anyway. During your registration we (or our 3rd party payment gateway provider) do collect limited personal user information. This information is only collected for the following reasons:

1. User email address – to retrieve a lost password, to communicate with you regarding renewals, offers, changes to the Terms and Conditions and anything else that we need to advise you of from time to time.
2. Username and password – necessary to access your account and make a VPN connection.
3. Payment information – so we are able to bill you.

Further details regarding our privacy policy can be found here.
Acceptable Use
You are responsible for every action that occurs on 4TFY where your username/password was used for establishing the VPN connection. Accordingly, you are responsible to keep your 4TFY account information confidential and immediately inform us of any unauthorised access to your account.

4TFY is not to be used for criminal acts or to harm anyone. In registering for our services you agree not to breach any law of any jurisdiction that you are operating from. As the Services can be accessed from anywhere in the world – it is the users responsibility to know and understand the relevant law that governs their behaviour.

4TFY can terminate any user account for violating terms of service instantly and without refund and notice or suspend the account until clarification or user comment.

It should be noted that 4TFY protects and respects customer privacy and does not log or track your activity in any way. The only way unauthorised use will be known by 4TFY is from an offense identified outside of those means – for example you tell 4TFY that you have breached the terms and conditions.
Limitation of Liability
4TFY will not be liable and will not have any responsibility of any kind to any subscriber or any other individual or entity for any loss or damage that you incur in using our service. This includes loss or damage from any failure of the website or Service.

4TFY, its owners, employees, agents and others that are involved with the 4TFY Services are in no way or form liable for any harm of any sort executed or not executed, resulting from or arising through or from the use of any account registered with 4TFY Services.

When you subscribe to the 4TFY VPN service, you are paying for access to the 4TFY application suite and 4TFY-hosted VPN servers. 4TFY is not accountable for the actions of our third-party hosting providers, or for ensuring the uptime of those servers hosted by third-party partners or organisations.

You acknowledge that access to some servers may be limited due to high demand or increased network load. You further acknowledge that we are unable to guarantee network speeds due to changing levels of demand.

You acknowledge that some connection issues may be the result of a fault on your home network or on the device you are attempting to connect to the 4TFY service with. 4TFY is unable to assist with resolving such issues.
Kickstarter Funders
If you were a Kickstarter Funder - the Kickstarter terms and conditions as they relate to pricing will prevail where they are in conflict with these terms and conditions.
This Agreement is governed by the laws of the British Virgin Islands, excluding its rules governing conflicts of law.